Shweta Tiwari posts two unseen videos of Abhinav Kohli ‘snatching his son’ from her' to tell the ‘truth’

The saga between Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli continues to get murkier than one would image where Kohli has been at it in terms of making claims, alleging several things and further even posting stuff which were against Tiwari. When it comes to the Mere Dad Ki Dulhann actor, she has been relatively quiet on all the claims Kohli has been making all this while which included the latest one being of not allowing Kohli to meet their son even as Tiwari is away in CapeTown shooting for Kharon Ke Khiladi.

But it seems that the actor had enough of it and wanted to seemingly clarify things once and for all. She posted a never-seen-before videos where one of them is CCTV footage and the other one is their son scared and crying tucking himself in a blanket as Tiwari consoles him. The CCTV footage is what reveals the reason where a woman (probably Tiwari herself) is strolling her son In the park of the apartment they live in where Kohli is first hovering around her trying to take him away. But after a point of time, Kohli is seen resorting to snatching as he tries to literally and forcefully snatch his son away. This incident is what seemingly scared their son who is seen trying to hide away and feel secure in a blanket.

Tiwari posted these videos captioning them, “Now let the truth Come out!!!! (But this is not going to stay forever on my account, I will eventually delete it, I am posting this right now to reveal the truth,then it goes off)

This is why my Child is scared of him! After this incident my child was scared for more than a month, he was so scared that he would not even sleep properly at Night! His hand hurt for more than 2 weeks. Even now he is scared of his papa coming home or meeting him. I can’t let my Child go Through this mental trauma.. I try my best to keep him calm and happy! But this Horrible Man makes sure my baby’s mental health goes back to Square one!

If this is not Physical abuse then what is!!!!?? It is the CCTV footage of my society."-

Well, so far, the actor was quiet, and this indeed is quite a revelation. We wonder what will be Kohli’s response to the same.

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